About Us

JOVAC was established in 1986 by The Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with the assistance of the German Government through the GTZ for manufacturing of veterinary vaccine and biological diagnostic reagents. It is located in a forest isolated area, 10 miles north of Amman.

In April 1997, JOVAC was privatized with a capital of 2million US$ keeping 20% of the shares to Jordan Government.

Jordan Bio –Industries Center JOVAC is committed to supply products that meet the requirements of its customer at all times.

We, therefore, provide consistent quality products through the implementation of Good Quality Management System.

Our products also conform to Governmental Regulations and International Standards

GMPS and GLPS specifications in manufacturing veterinary vaccines are implemented according to International Standards of OIE, FAO and WHO agencies to assure high quality vaccines and biological products. The products are sent abroad to International Reference Laboratories for certification e.g. Paul Ehrlich Institute in Germany for poultry vaccines, CNEVA/AFSSA Laboratories in France for Brucella vaccines, Pirbright Laboratories in UK for pox vaccines and BGA Laboratories in Germany for Rose Bengal antigen and PANVAC Laboratories (FAO) in Ethiopia for PPR vaccine.

Most of the vaccine reference master seeds used in JOVAC are imported from Weybridge Central Laboratories in England, Pirbright, Laboratories in England, Manisa Poultry Vaccine Laboratories in Turkey and SPAFAS Laboratories in USA. 

The laboratories of JOVAC are equipped with all necessary high technology equipment for vaccine production and quality control testing. Bacterial and viral vaccines for animals and poultry, together with ELISA kits, antigens, complements, and other biological materials are produced by JOVAC.

A highly qualified team of experts with different specializations are responsible for the production and development of the different vaccines and biological reagents. JOVAC is keen to continuous training programs to all technical staff to create a capable dynamic team committed to company progress.

Today, JOVAC provides the veterinary practitioners, animal and poultry breeders with the finest products of basic research and development. We now sell to over 20 countries a series of modern vaccines for poultry, cattle, sheep, goats, horses and camels together with biological diagnostic kits to diagnose and control animal diseases in order to improve animal health status and production parameters. This list contains brief information on the products available. More detailed information on any product will be provided on request.