About Us

Jordan Bio-Industries Centre co. .JOVAC is committed to supply products that meet the requirements of its customers at all times. We thereto provide consistent quality products through the effective implementation of a quality management system.

Our products will also conform to governments/ regulations and International standards, and guides. GMPs specifications in manufacturing veterinary vaccines are implemented according to international standards of OIE, FAO. and WHO agencies to assure high quality vaccines and biological products.

The Facilities of JOVAC are equipped with all necessary high technology equipment for vaccine production and quality control. Bacterial and viral vaccines, live and inactivated alum or oily vaccines for animals and poultry, together with ELISA kits, antigens, compliments and other biological are produced by JOVAC.

All employees are responsible for the quality of work carried out on products. They have the authority to ensure that quality requirements are met in fu//. Therefore we provide all the necessary resources, training, and communication to develop employees' performance for continuous improvements.

Departments at JOVAC have all realized their appropriate quality objective, which are continuously reviewed for appropriateness, applicability, and measured for their effectiveness and efficiency.

JOVAC is committed to undertake all works in accordance with company standards and statutory regulations. It is the policy of
JOVAC to establish an effective quality management system in compliance with the IS09001;2008 and GMP regulation.
JOVAC ensures that a// personnel at all levels of the company are aware of this policy and its principles are fully implemented.

Our objectives are:

  • Manufacture and supply of veterinary and biological products of high quality that comply with marketing authorization, to local and foreign markets. And maintaining this quality consistent.
  • Becoming leading brand in the regional and international market for our products.
  • Continuously expand in our range of products.
  • The effective Response and handling of the customer complaint
  • Enhance staff qualifications and capability to match with the high Level of standards requirements
  • Maintaining this quality management system consistent by continual reviews.